About us

Polish National Mixed Team in currently preparing for the World Championships in London 2016

Goal number one for the 2016 is to play at World Championships in London in June and build the team, while goal for 2017 is to perform the best we can at the World Games 2017 in Wroclaw. We want to proudly represtent Poland and the sport we love. The whole story begins with our choaches – Heiko Walldorf and Marc „Schlumpf” Huber that agreed on taking over the responsibility for National Mixed team during the next two seasons. They bring two uniqe perspectives to the team – huge amount of experience at both modern and socalled oldfashioned Ultimate. The team was selected in the 5-months long tryout process out of over 100 polish players.

What’s our team’s philosophy?

01. Don’t be afraid to do the right thing.

We belive that the team works as a whole – we share our thoughts and support each other. There’s no way for anyone to hold back when she has something to say.

02. Train hard.

We agreed on treating ourselves as athletes. Hence we know that the more we sweat in gym the less we loose at the field. Everyday is a workout day.

03. Respect.

We respect each other and the opponents. We listen, trust and believe that others do the same.