April training camp

April training camp was the last one on the Team’s road do WUCG in London. In the next months the Team will play at two preparation tournaments – Confederations Cup in Frankfurt (14-16 May) and Windmill Windup in Amsterdam (3-5 June). What did we work on this time?

  • Building the team
    During this training camp we focused on team building – we talked a lot about team chemistry, chose specific roles for the individuals on the team and in the afternoon played some integration games. Team was devided into three groups that were given an egg and a few random items (straws, paper, teabag etc.). The objective was to name the egg, create its identity and build a construction that will protect it from breaking when droped from the height. We had a lot of fun during the challenge and had an opportunity to bond through cooperation with other players.
  • Chemistry in the lines
    Team consists of three lines: Offence (captain: Stas Bogusławski), Defence (captain: Grażyna Chlebicka) and socalled Special line (captain: Mikołaj Smogór) that were formed at last training camp in March. Each of them has slightly different tactical approach. Therefore it was crucial to try all the tactical ideas at the field, in the game-like situations. We played three scrimmage games during the weekend and tryied to figure out what works best for each line. Weather conditions were rather harsh (heavy wind and a little bit of rain) and helped us to train zone defence.
  • What's next?
    April training camp was the last one during this season that will be crowned with taking part in Worlds in June. Now, we begin last period of the plan for the season – preparation tournaments at which we will get to play other National Teams. First stop is Confederations Cup in Frankfurt at 14-16 May. Stay tuned!

Play the field